Visual Arts

At Creative Kids Preschool we strive toward a greater understanding of each of our students and we cast away shadow as we light the way through music, art, theatre, and dance.

Two Year Old

It all begins with a scribble - an artist is born!  Our two year old artists will explorea variety of art media, color, shapes, and materials.  The visual art provides opportunity for our two year old to strengthen fine motor skills and eye hand coordination while experiencing the delight of creative expression.


Three - Four Year Old

Play dough, finger-paint, crayons galore each morning begins an array of art materials for your preschooler to explore once again providing them a voice.   At Creative Kids Preschool your preschoolers will enjoy the delight of creating their own art while learning to appreciate the art of other artists.  Continuing to grow fine motor and eye hand coordination art activities also builds confidence and decision making skills in your preschooler deepening their creative self expression.



As emerging readers, the visual arts provide a rich communication tool for your child to tell their own stories through illustrations, painting, sculpting, coloring, collages and more each bringing voice with color, pattern, texture, and form.  Enter the great art masters and your child will experience the techniques of stroke, line, space, shape and tone.  Add the art of photography and your aspiring artist is launched.