Performing Arts



Children love to move, and these preschool classes help them do so in a safe, fun, and educational way. Our dance and movement classes for Creative Kids focus on physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. With options that are great for boys and girls, you can select from both traditional dance classes, like creative movement, preparatory ballet, tap, and jazz, and from more contemporary movement classes, like acro / gymnastics and yoga pretzels, to find the right fit or combination of classes for your child. 

"Movement awakens and activates many of our mental capacities.  Movement integrates and anchors new information and experience into our neural networks and movement is vital to all the actions by which we embody and express our learning, our understanding, and ourselves."(Hannaford 2005,107).


The advantages of learning music at a young age are abundant! Children who actively participate in music create strong neural connections that help them develop and benefit them later in life. At Creative Kids Preschool, students take part in music classes that follow developmentally-appropriate curriculums to maximize both the learning and fun, and many students develop a lifelong love for music and can't wait to continue into our older music programs.  





It's a well-know fact that pretend play is an important way for children to learn, grow, and develop — and what better way to do so than in a creative preschool theatre class! These preschool theatre classes help students build confidence, use their imagination, and learn to express themselves. With classes that focus on adding art into the typical educational fields (Discovery Science) to classes that lead to literacy (Story Book Theatre and Preschool Performance/Acting/Voice), students in our preschool theatre programs learn a lot while having even more fun.