Discovery Science



Two Year Old

As two year old scientists we take on the task of sensory explorers.  Through seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, and smelling we observe, detect, examine, investigate, inspect, study, discover and uncover the world in our classroom, in our school, and in our school yard.  Dirty hands and boots may be required and a sense of adventure is a must.


Three - Four Year Old

Polish up your magnifying glass, grab your bucket, and lace up your boots because you are about to step into the preschool land of Discovery Science.  Our three and four year old investigators experience the science of their world through a project based curriculum designed to encourage discovery. Our Discovery Scientists venture into chemistry, engineering, astronomy, nature, water, light, and shadows feeding investigative and analytical skills to uncover the what and to begin to explore the why. Our Discovery Science Program is a preschooler's dream where rocks are for exploring under and puddles are for jumping in.



The Kindergarten Discovery Scientist adds engineer and researcher to their skill tool kit as we challenge experimentation, deductive reasoning and critical thinking.  Our five year old Discovery Scientists move from collecting data to hypothesizing about data; from comparing elements to analyzing elements; and from sensory exploration to experimentation exploration.  At Creative Kids Preschool our Discovery Science Program is constructed to plant the seeds of creativity and curiosity to yield a harvest of learning for years to come.