Language Arts

Two Year Olds

From the moment your child steps into their two-year old classroom language is everywhere.  We read it, speak it, sing it, write it, listen to it, dance it, imagine it, draw it and explore it.   With a love for reading at the core we encourage language development, letter and word recognition, listening, and conversational skills through a daily curriculum rich with children's literature, music, movement, imaginative play, and art giving language both meaning and form in a playful and developmentally appropriate format. 

Three - Four Year Olds

Building on the language arts curriculum in our two-year old program our goal is to plant the seeds for a lifetime of reading in each of our students.  Your teachers will employ a whole language approach building an understanding of written, spoken, and read language and the connection between them all.  Books are woven into each aspect of your child's day - circle time, centers, language arts, math, science, art, music, movement and more.  Your child will master letter recognition, build a word bank, explore rhyming and word families and their own stories.


In our three-four year old curriculum we planted the seeds of lifetime readers and writers and in our kindergarten we cultivate independent readers. Your child will learn the joy and value of reading while building foundational skills such as concepts of print, phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, fluency, rhymes, and poetic rhythm through the Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project Curriculum from Columbia University supplemented by Fundations Phonics Program.  Each program meets Core Curriculum standards.