Social Sciences

Two Year Old

For most of our two year old Creative Kids preschoolers our classroom is their first step out into the world independent of their parents and primary caregivers - and it is a big one! Over the year your two year old will go from playing alongside classmates to playing with classmates.  They will learn the power of expressing their needs and then discover the absolute delight of doing it for themselves.  And most importantly, they will learn to build a trusting and loving relationship with their teachers laying the foundation for a successful school experience in years to come.


Three - Four Year Old

The world expands for our three and four year old Creative Kid from home to the classroom and from family to friends and community.  Your preschooler will continue to build self-reliance in our classroom community growing the skill tool kit to be a citizen of a school community.  Friends and family will come into focus while we explore a wider community of the people who serve us, keep us save, and care for us.  Bridging connections from self to home to community is our goal.



A taste of culture and a sampling of history are all part of the kindergarten curriculum at Creative Kids Preschool as we explore where we come from, what makes us different, and what makes us the same.  Our five year old historians will map their family story and culture as a year long kindergarten project telling their story in word, art, food, and maybe an Academy Award winning film!