Creative 3-6 Year Old Preschool


Creative Kids Preschool in Bedford, NH is the ideal spot for your child to roll up their sleeves, grab their shovel, and dig into the world of learning. With our crackerjack preschool teaching staff as their guide your preschooler will thrive in a learning environment crafted to tickle your child’s curiosity and to seed a lifetime of creativity and learning. Our goal — make learning naturally exciting!

Your Creative Kids Preschooler may choose to attend two, three or five days per week from 8:30 - 2:00PM. Each day will be filled with a wondrous curriculum including Language Arts, Discovery Science, Outdoor Classroom, Social Sciences, Music, Storytime Theatre, and Art. And if that is not enough - your child may also enjoy Leap ’n Learn Ballet, ZUMBA for Kids, Jazz/Tap, Jazz/Hip Hop, Performance and much more. There is so much to choose from - be sure to check out the curriculum pages for more of the exciting details. 

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Creative Kids is an academically rich program. Each child’s skills are assessed and a program is designed to help him / her develop strong cognitive, social, and physical skills. Our curriculum includes music and dance for the children attending two days; and music, dance, and theatre for children who attend the program three or more days.  Arts classes taught by Bedford Youth Performing Company faculty include Puppetry, Preschool Performance and Acting, Creative Kids Performing Chorus, Group Beginner Violin, Group Beginner Keyboard, Ballet, Jazz/Tap Combo and Jazz/Hip Hop Combo.