Educational Philosophy

The goal is exploration and discovery.  The arts provide language, color and texture. The children provide the curiosity and enthusiasm.  The teacher provides direction and inspiration. The learning provides the fun - it is preschool - so remember to play.

A child is born to the world filled with wonder, curiosity and a hunger to learn. 
From the exciting discovery of fingers and toes, to the daring determination of the first step, to the autonomous power of "no!" ---- children are driven to explore, to solve problems, and to master skills.  Their initial discoveries are intuitive and sensory based but remarkable in their process revealing the sheer energy and power that lives within the youngest learner.  


As early childhood educators we have the venerable role as guide, facilitator, and mentor to fuel the hunger to learn by building a classroom charged with an environment rich with learning opportunities for our young learners. 

"The exposure to creative elements including both music and dance through Kindergarten age is something so unique and so enjoyed by the students.  No other preschool program in the area offers this type of opportunity." 

Meg Duhaime, parent