Creative Kids 2 Year Old Preschool

Creative Kids 2’s Preschool in Bedford, NH is designed for two-year-olds who are attending school for the very first time. The program offers a gentle welcoming to school and a breadth of activities that provide children with new and wondrous experiences. With a 5:1 student teacher ratio, the children are encouraged to explore the world around them through both free play and teacher-guided activities. We nurture each child’s social and emotional development by encouraging autonomy, communication, and smooth transitions from one activity to another. We work toward building positive self-esteem in children by assisting the development of their physical and cognitive skills.

In Creative Kids 2’s Preschool, children enjoy a warm and loving atmosphere that was created with their special needs in mind. Children may attend two, three or five days per week.  Creative 2 Year Olds receive both a music class and dance class taught by Bedford Youth Performing Company music and dance faculty.

This program is offered as a 2, 3 or 5 day program from 8:30 am to 11:00am or extend the day until 1:00 when students are invited to stay for lunch, an enrichment class and some extra play time.   

Families are encouraged to schedule a visit to Creative Kids Preschool where they can tour the class room as well as the dance and music studios.  

"The Creative 2's Program at BYPC is a fabulous starting point for your child's school experience.  The timing and organization is perfect for the little minds and personalities to learn to play and socialize outside of the home.  Miss Nancy is the absolute best! You can truly see her caring and passion for all of her students and this joyful (yet difficult at times) age group. I was so pleased with the program I'll be signing my son up as well when the time comes."

-Lynn Thibault, parent