Two Year Old

Math is all around us at Creative Kids Preschool starting with our age - two!  We explore numbers, patterns, values, shapes, measurement, logic reasoning and so much more through the use of quality materials such as manipulatives, blocks, toys, puzzles and by experiencing the math of music, movement, play, and the everyday happenings within our school environment. 

Three - Six Year Old

Everyday Mathematics is the vehicle for the math journey for our three to six year old mathematicians at Creative Kids Preschool.  Engineered at the University of Chicago Mathematics Project (UCSMP) to meet Common Core Standards, Everyday Mathematics is the curriculum of choice at top schools throughout the nation including Creative Kids.  Our three and four year mathematicians work to understand the meanings, uses, representations of numbers as well as patterns, and operations.  Graphing, collecting data, analyzing and interpreting data breathes fun and meaning into math as we step out of the math class and into the laboratory that is our school environment.


Creative Kids Kindergarteners expand on their math skills by deepening their understanding of the meanings, uses, and representations of numbers.  It is our goal that our five year old mathematicians can count to 100 by 1's, 2's 5's and 10's and that they can model numbers with manipulatives demonstrating mastery of the concepts.  Addition and subtraction are added to our math tool kit as we deepen our investigation of our world and make connections to our world by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, estimating, measuring and graphing all that we see and uncover.  Add geometry to the masters of block building and Everyday Math is alive and well at Creative Kids.