Outdoor Curriculum


Outdoor Classroom.jpg

Two Year Old

For children of all ages the outdoor calls and at Creative Kids we answer with outdoor play and learning experiences.  With weather permitting, your two year old enjoys plenty of outdoor free play where they can jump, climb, dig, run, slide and use their outdoor voices!  Fall invites apple picking and spring delights in flower planting where nature lessons will abound.


Three-Four Year Old

Famed educator Ken Robinson states five reasons why outdoor education is a good idea and at Creative Kids we subscribe to all five.  The outdoor classroom provides your preschooler with the power of nature, hands-on activities, seeding curiosity, socialization of play, and just pure fun.  At Creative Kids Preschool your child will not only enjoy outdoor free play but will plant and harvest vegetables, explore our outdoor space, and on any given day you will find our children picnicking, reading books, painting, or learning math outdoors.  The educational and developmental benefits are far reaching.



We need a camera, a net, and our trusted buckets because our Creative Kids Kindergarten Explorers are about to exit the building on a scavenger hunt.  Their mission is to dig and ask why, look under rocks and ask why, splash and ask why, look up and ask why. And as the teachers of your kindergartener it is our job to merely facilitate their scavenger hunt.  So, our answer - let's see what we can discover together.