The Creative 2's Program at BYPC is a fabulous starting point for your child's school experience.  The timing and organization is perfect for the little minds and personalities to learn to play and socialize outside of the home.  Miss Nancy is the absolute best! You can truly see her caring and passion for all of her students and this joyful (yet difficult at times) age group.  Miss Becca and Miss Christine are also wonderful teachers with great patience and care for the children.  I was so pleased with the program I'll be signing my son up as well when the time comes.
Lynn Thibault



The teachers and staff show an abundance of care and love for each child while meeting their needs in their first school environment.
The curriculum is well thought out and both my children continue to have enthusiasm for the learning activities and projects each day.
The exposure to creative elements including both music and dance through Kindergarten age is something so unique and so enjoyed by the students.  No other preschool program in the area offers this type of opportunity. 
Meg Duhaime