Creative Kids Bedford, NH Price List 2019/2020

Two Year Old Program     8:30 - 11:00

Credit Card ACH Annual
Two day
               312.50          306.50                     3065.00                  
Three day                 398.00                 390.00                     3900.00     

Two Year Old Program Extended Day     8:30 - 1:00

Credit Card ACH Annual
Two day                     
407.50                   399.50                     3950.00                  
Three day                494.00                   485.00                   4850.00   

Three - Six Year Old Program            8:30 – 2:00

Tuition includes the cost of all production fees, music supplies and materials.                               
Credit Card ACH Annual
Two day
                  464.50                    455.00                 4550.00                   
Three day                530.50        520.00          5200.00          
Five day                   688.50                   675.00                   6750.00              

Kindergarten Enrichment Program 11:00-2:00

Tuition includes the cost of production fees, music supplies and materials.
Credit Card ACH Annual
One day                 
127.50                     125.00                 1250.00
Two day                   229.50                     225.00                  2250.00
Three day                306.00                     300.00                  3000.00
Five day                   433.50                     425.00                  4250.00

After School Care (limited availability)

$12.00 per day              $40.00/month per day                           

All tuition is calculated for a full school year and is prorated to your start date.

Creative Kids Preschool of Bedford, NH vacation weeks are deducted from the year’s tuition.

Creative Kids Preschool deposits will be credited to your final tuition installment upon completion of the school year.

Deposits will not be refunded to students who withdraw during the year.

Tuition is divided into ten equal installments. Tuition for students enrolling during the school year will be assessed one prorated month and the appropriate equal installments.

All payments must be made by auto debit from your checking account or credit card account unless an annual payment is made. Student’s registered by July firs will have their first payment debited on July 15, 2019. Nine additional installments will be debited on August 15, September 15, October 15, November 15, December 15, January 15, February 15, March 15, and April 15.  

Annual payments are due by July 15 with a completed registration form. Annual payments may be made by check or major credit card. All annual payments earn a 2% discount.

Payments debited to a checking account (ACH) will earn a 2% discount monthly.

Returned checks and declined credit cards will be assessed a $15.00 fee.

All tuition and registration fees are non-refundable.  Students who withdraw with a four-week notice during the year will not receive a credit for the registration or for the tuition deposit.